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Sueño Habanero -YFashion World Photo Shoot in Cuba

Date: 05 Jan 2016


Yayyy! "Un sueno hecho realidad"-A dream come true. As a Cuban, fashion and music come together for me in a very expressive and special way. 

To be able to bring my fashion world to my home country has been an unique and exceptional experience i will love to share with you. 










                                                                  The cover history

It all started with the arrival of our summer collection, a collection full of bright colors,

Oriental motifs, animal prints,  golden-colored metal elements and extremely soft fabrics...

My mind immediately went back  to my beautiful island in the Caribbean....                                                     




Once in Cuba, we refer to the artistic agencies to begin auditions, and to our surprise  the first auditions

were held in "La Maison, La casa de la moda en Cuba."Of course no shortage of beautiful women in

Cuba, shapely brunettes, sexy bodies, really very sexy women, all with  one thing in common,

their joy, beauty and sensuality. 





When it comes to Cuba, we know that the selection of the models would not be our biggest           

problem, but select a location in Havana was a bit difficult due to the political and commercial  

photography rules that have been established on the communist island.Once everything went                                          

in order with the appropriate permissions, we decided to move to Varadero.





Varadero is the most beautiful and popular beach resort in Cuba, covering Cuba’s narrow 

Peninsula deHicacos.Along it`s 20km of Atlantic Ocean coastline, Varadero is a string of

luxury all-inclusive  hotel and spa complexes, with one of the most beautiful beaches in

the world!                                            






Cuba is a unique country, Cubans are generally gregarious, happy, hospitable, outgoing, 

vivacious, something that helped greatly to find references to places that we could use to

our purpose in the beautiful resort of Varadero.The procedure for auditioning models was

fast as we received help from the neighbours where we stayed and many others who quickly

spread the word. 


So is Cuba, very attentive people and always ready to help, something very different from

what we  use here in Norway (but this topic will be discussed in another article).Once selected

the models, we headed to find an classic American car to give the final touch to our Sueño

Habanero. With a great diversity of colors and style, fantastic classic American cars roam the

streets of Varadero, choosing the right car was a challenge, but we finally decided and selected

the car  that will be used in the photo shoot.



   ...and finally came the awaited-day, (many mixed emotions)the joy of finally being in my

home country after so many years, the huge responsability of representing my company,  and

the desire for success in this project.






What a fantastic scenery! The fresh breeze of the morning, bright sunshine, coconut trees,

different shades   of blue sea, beautiful models, and a classic american car driving through

this enchanting peninsula.What else could I wish!? It was just the perfect setting for my



During our trip through the peninsula we visited Marina Varadero, Josone park, Xanadu

mansion and Playa Azul Varadero... and so our day was spent between cameras, costume

changes, and lots  of laugther. I had a blast, well it is impossible not to have fun in Cuba.                                                          

 ...we spent many hours in different locations chosen, and although the weather not always

accompanied us on all ocassions, the results exeeded all expectations.                                                             







All struggle and dedication to this project, it all became worthwhile, and share this great

experience with you all, fills me with pride and satisfaction.As I always like to say: In life

you learn from everything and everyone, even from the little things that seem to be insigni-

ficant...and I learned that: In orther to make your dreams come true, you have to dream

with open eyes, because dreams do not come through magic, it takes sweat, hard work and

determination to make them possible! 


...and this is Mi sueño habanero!                                                     







Click on this link  below for an introduction to YFW collection "SUENO HABANERO                                                          







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