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Yfashion World and The Eternal City

Date: 25 Mar 2016




One of the things I love most in my work is the production, and when is about a fashion production 

to do, the most important things to consider is to have the five senses put on to create as everything

can be constructive. Putting ideas together in order to create a theme. Look around and find out that

the simplest and smallest things can be the most inspiring!


So, you probably wonder what does a fashion producer do, right?



Ok! Here we go!



Every season fashion should be shown in a creative, original and seductive way in order to accomplish

it's objective: Be desired and acquired by thousand of women and men in the world. This is why the role 

of the fashion producer is essential.



A fashion producer is in charge of choosing and assembling garments & accessories, hiring makeup

artists, hairstylists and get the best locations to tell a story through the choice of profesional models

that will be portrayed through the lens of a photografer or videografer and the final results of these

images or runway fashion show will be shown in catalogs, magazines, blogs and TV channels. 







Normally when I travel abroad for work , I always carry with me some pieces from different collections

as there are magical places where i can get great images that I use in my events and Rome is one of

those places...There  every corner has a story and every image will get your customers to take an

imaginary luxury journey which somehow can influence when deciding to get buy one of my garments. 


 ... And taking advantage i would be in Italy, do not let overlook this wonderful opportunity to make this 



Rome is a lovely city, this kind of place that will make you fly over time, a city full of history and very

crowded.I am thrilled every time I visit that city. I never tire of Rome. I am always impressed as the first

time, undoubtedly a magical city.






It's not first time I travel to Rome for work, but this time the visit was even more special, because it was

my first appearance at the Miss Cuba Europe contest as the official Artistic Director, such an honor!






Leveraging our stay at the hotel and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the contestants, we decided to

use the hotel facilities to develop some graphics ideas that had long were hovering in my head. With

a very good energy and fantastic vibe we started to prepare everything for our photoshoot and create

our "Magical nights". 


For the realisation of the magical nights I selected pieces from different collections with focus on the

"Negative Wear" and "It's Time For Party" collections.which are containing designs that due to its

uniqueness and its thecnology can be worn on different events such as evening parties,whether a date,

a wedding, a concert or simply a disco or nightclub.



....yes, I know already you're wondering , well Yanet and how do you do to get the models ?
 Well it's very simple, being a highly Latino event, the beautiful girls could not miss. So it was not difficult to find

a model, and who better than the former dancer of D-revista Yilian Brizuela? The girl who a few hours

later would become Miss Sympathy.






... once selected locations and model, began the photoshot.The pieces chosen for this photographic

service are taken from our previous collections and  are available in the store.



Lets take a look to the lovely pieces:






This elegant caftan top features on one shoulder neck, oversized fit and asymmetrical drape, a super

chic top that can be worn one off shoulder for a relaxed look. With a super soft fabric that drapes

beautifully, this is the perfect top to go to a romantic date or any other occasion.You can wear it with

one of our fantastic leggings and pumps/pointed toe pumps. This top will transition from season to

season giving you the most fabulous look






Beautiful, isn't it?....You will look as sweet as candy when you wear this adorable set...Of course this

"new fashion" could not miss in my choices for this trip through the magic night, Bellissimo, this design

composed of a stretchy red flared top and tut's rushed black skirt, non stretchywith a wide elastic band

making an elegant height waist look for a perfect set if you are looking for form fitting slender appearance.






...and of course it could not miss "Elegance vivant" represented on this shoot by this classic heavenly

feminine maxi can call it "The showstopper".This lace incert open back dress is absolutely 

stunning and it has everything you need to let `em speechless when you step out in this glam dress.                                                 





Now stop!...Harem time! The urban fashion leader. The comfy multifaceted pant. For your nights-

about-town or laid back socials, these harem pants suit a must for your wardrobe, these deliciously

sexy harem pants updates  and modern, these are sure to please!





Visiting Rome is an experience that will transform your life! And of course this will not be the first

nor the last production I'll  do in this dream city. 


When it comes to The Eternal City, there is still much left for me to see and experience this has only been

as large appetizer and the best is yet to come.Very good projects and ideas emerged during my stay

in Rome and can not wait to return, but this time through the front door....


The die is cast! My bags are packaged and Rome awaits me!


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