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Date: 26 Jan 2017

 I loveee my work!Not just because it gives me  possibilities of working with what I am passionated about, but it allows me 

to develop excellent professional relationships like working as artistic director of Miss Cuba Europa (MCE), based in Rome,Italy.









During my work in Miss Cuba Europa, i received an invitation to Costa Smeralda as guest of honor

at Residenzia Cappriccioli located in the island of Sardinia. Right away I received the invitation I went to google to find some

information about this place and what I discovered left me speechless...It was LOOVE at first sight!

Our work in the island consisted of marketing and publicity work to promote MCE during her stay in Capriccioli that by the way

is the official residence of the Miss. 








Sardinia is a big  island populated by an exceptional and capricious rebel nature could i say, an island of folk, arts,

history traditions, very rich and lively with an exellent culinary and divine peoplpe. Costa Smeralda is a coastal area

and tourist destination in northern SardiniaItaly One of the most famous areas due to its spectacular coastlines of the

Mediterranean Sea, the heavenly beaches, fascinating areas and incredible atmosphereits perfumed fields with almost

perfect scrub, resting place of millionaires from around the world, football stars and famous celebrities, a place that

never disappoints, if you want a holiday in the style of Marbella, Monaco or Dubai.








Once we arrived at the airport of Olbia we headed to our destination: Residenzia Capriccioli.During our journey

and as we approached by car, we passed by Olbia where the largest population of this area is located. Near Olbia

are the most chic towns of Sardigna that we could summarize in two: Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, towns built by

important companies In the 60s and are visited by Arab magnates, artists, athletes and international VIPs. 







Costa Smeralda is one of the most famous areas due to its spectacular coatslines of the mediterranean sea, its the perfect

place to enjoy the meiterranean breeze with the scent of the pine tree. Crystal clear waters Emerald green very transparent that

lets you to see effortleesly clean backgrounds rich in underwater life, and fine white sand that invite you to rest.Located in the

heart of the Smeralda coast, surrended by mediterranian scrub, at 100m at sea level and surrounded by the beaches of the

Cappriccioli peninsula, with fantastic rocky promontories lies Residenza Capriccioli which boasts some of the most beatiful,

famous and desirable beaches of the coast.  








Once installed we began our work with Miss Cuba where we held an official interview  sponsored by Yfashion World,

in conjunction with the launch of our sunglasses collection, additional to other activities of media and photografy.








Another fantastic place you definitely can not miss out on visiting the island is Arzachena, a town in the province of Olbia Tempio Northen Sardinia with

a lot of tradition, gastronomy, good wine, and monuments such as the Madonna Church of the Ship, and its alsovery close

to a very important archeological area like the Nuraghe Albucciu and the different menhirs of the area.





In our official visit to Archazena we attend celebrations, typical events and folkloric of this region as well,

such as the "folkloricas" celebrations of Archazena and the fascinating tradition Zarda: "El carnaval de Ottana".











The Ottana Carnival is one of the most characteristic and interesting in the Mediterranean area represented by Merdules

with stunning choreographies, decorated costumes,ornaments, and their taurine masks that represent the figure of the ancient

pull divinity  Punico_Nuragica symbol of the life force within, always present in the civilizations of the Mediterranean basin. 

The meaning of the masks is not very clear yet, they have lasted for centuries and represent a millennial rite. It also shows a

female figure named Philonzana a sad woman who spins wool with the spindle and the wool represents the thread of life.








For the realization of Haute Style with Yanet and the promotion of MCE Yfashion World presented pieces of

one of our beautiful summer collections named "LUXE" ...a very striking collection that combines the brights colors

of the island of Cuba with the rebelliousness and exuberance of the island of Sardinia. 


*The gorgeous kaftan printed jumpsuit with highly detailed shoulder with studded embellishment and kaftan sleeve


* The colorful Sleeveless floral jumpsuit


*And the high low embellished tropicana dress. You can also check our last collection:








It has been an unforgettable experience! 


And as always the time passes and we must return home but not without before enjoying the sunrises of the island. Every

moment of the day can be wonderful, but the sunrise can give truly admirable landscapes that remind us how wonderful

nature is. Beyond doubt Costa Esmeralda can be described as an irresistible magical cocktail of sea, sun, music and fun.







And believe me, although I promised myself not to be seduced by the charm and beauty of this place, this time i could not

keep my promise. Its just impossible not to be seduced!!!...and...I am eager to repeat.


To see more of what happened in Costa Esmeralda, go to our official page in Instagram:


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